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This is what confident people say about Sarengue®


Dear Alex, This needs to be said: Sarengue® is the best sport activity I have ever practiced! Actually I am a sports muffle who tries out a lot and sticks with nothing. When practicing Sarengue® I do not have the feeling that I am doing sports but something sporty for my body and enjoying it all the same!

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Barbara Schuhmann

After my pregnancy I am determined to get back to the training and to reduce the remaining kilos which are due to the pregnancy. Sarengue® is a training that may be adapted to any living situation and therefore, it is optimal for me.

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I have been attending Sarengue® twice a week for about seven months now. From the beginning I have been thrilled and I still am.

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Nicole, Regensburg,

30 years,

A flyer in my mailbox brought me to Sarengue®. And then I found its explanation interesting. That is why I went to test training.

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A change in dress size from 58 to 48. Sarengue® helped me doing this modification.

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Dr. med. Silvia Weidinger-Köppen

As a gynecologist and preventive physician I have also been a certified Tigerobics trainer since 2008.

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All in all I can only highly recommend this form of activity on the trampoline to everybody(old and young alike, with stable or fragile health) – it is just a lot of fun and helps you all along!

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Helene Schaifele

Thanks to the good education as an instructor and the well-planned exercises I would like to express my sincere praise to Alexandra, and I want to pass on my knowledge in future trainings!

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Dr. med. K.P. Kammerer

Sarengue®, physiotherapy for the well-being of all muscles. Skeletal-related muscle training with a high fun factor for young and older people thanks to personal trainers who respond to individual problems of the participants

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Marianne Müller-Twardy

After having suffered a heart attack in May 2017 I was looking for an alternative to the classic sport suitable for people with heart problems

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Annegret Mathia, Fürth, 75 years

First of all some little words beforehand: For me Sarengue® means simply enjoying life. I take a lot of pleasure and well-being when moving to the beat of Latin-American rhythms.

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And then – 2 months ago – I was given the devastating diagnosis “breast cancer”. Your motivation to train as often as possible encouraged me and I was prepared for the operation.

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Dr. Renate Müller-Herzog

Sarengue® really made me jump off the sofa. Top-experienced introduction and continuous motivation. The music and the group help you enormously do the course in a regular way.

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Dr. med. Roland Leger

Sarengue® is a whole-body work-out training especially the small muscle groups of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

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So, I really and truly can recommend Sarengue®. I am deeply grateful to Alex. Thanks to her and Sarengue®, I felt good during this illness and never thought of giving up.

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What is still important: Please present yourself by half an hour before your first participation for the introduction into the program. Please put on comfortable clothes (sportswear) and solid shoes with smooth soles (no trainers!!) or thick wool socks (no non-slip socks).