Aqua Sarengue®

Fun and good mood 

Aqua Sarengue ® – whole-body work-out in the water

Aqua Sarengue® – whole-body work-out in the water (max. water depth of 150cm) whose basic movements derive from Sarengue®. We exercise stamina, strength, mobility and coordination. An effective training method that takes advantage of the upwelling of the water and therefore is particularly suitable for people in need of orthopedic or geriatric rehabilitation therapy. Exercising to music in the water and being in a state of weightlessness will therefore enable you to enjoy a new lease of life and consequently improve your body image and self-awareness. 

You can find Aqua Sarengue® trainings at the following locations: 

Therapeutic efficiency

  • Particularly joint-friendly
  • Pain relief for chronical joint diseases (e.g. back pain, arthrosis)
  • Strengthens musculature (arms, pectoral girdle, upper and lower back, belly, legs, buttocks)
  • Mobilizes the whole muscular skeleton
  • Stabilizes balance and proprioception
  • Positive effect on respiration and cardiovascular system (e.g. by reducing your blood pressure)
  • Stabilizes the lymphatic flow
  • Reduction of body weight
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Uncreases the well-being and makes you enjoy a new lease of life (psychosomatic)

Aqua Sarengue® is offered in health centers with a training pool or motion basin and in rehab clinics. You are professionally instructed and trained by specially educated trainers with medical knowledge. The well-being program accompanied by Latin-American rhythms guaranteed to provide good mood! Regardless of age it appeals to anyone who prefers sporting activity in the water! 


Waltraut Gürster

Since I have been practicing Sarengue® I nearly do not suffer from pain anymore and my posture and walking is more upright.
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