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Rehab clinics

Sarengue® presents an additional program for the rehabilitative measures already in place and supports the orthopedic, neurological and internal rehabilitation through different training units. The exercises may be done on the floor, in the water, on an exercise ball or a chair, and – especially for very active people – on a medical trampoline. The basic impact is achieved everywhere no matter which type you use. Only the intensity varies.

What do you need?

Already after about a one-week intensive trainer education as a Sarengue® trainer you may hold courses yourself. These Sarengue® courses can be held by all those having undergone a finished apprenticeship in the medical sector. Subsequently, you may offer Sarengue® training in your institution.

What is Sarengue®?

The program is joint-friendly and leads to muscle building and weight reduction. Even patients suffering from neurological disorders can undergo this program – individually adapted. Thanks to the accompanying music (Salsa and Merengue rhythms and melodies) you have also a high fun factor. This improves the psychosomatic overall situation of your pain patients and increases the stamina rate significantly.

What does Sarengue® effect?

Sarengue® is a muscle-building program gentle on joints and spine, including eight physiotherapy exercises along with backing music (Salsa and Merengue). It is suited for all ages starting from the age of 16.

The Sarengue® effect:

The total musculature is trained within one hour. Sarengue® is easily adaptable individually, which means that specially educated trainers can show consideration for existing joint and spine problems and adapt the exercises in a way that the focus is laid on alleviating the symptoms. For example, individual training programs can be assigned to patients suffering from existing joint wear and tear, spine problems, partial paralysis and/or overweight. Therefore, special Sarengue® types have been developed in addition to the Sarengue® standard program: Sarengue® Gold, Aqua Sarengue® and Power-Sarengue® plus.

Thus, with the guidance of experienced trainers everybody finds an optimal training program for themselves, comparable to coronary sport groups.

The backing music completes the feel-good program and leads to a genuine feeling of happiness. Simultaneously, excess pounds melt away. Sarengue® is a fountain of youth for the whole body.