Power-Sarengue® Plus

The special kick

Power-Sarengue® Plus

Exercising on the medical trampoline trains all the muscles of your body. Thus we improve our fitness, stamina and strength without the risk of overstraining the joints.
The upright posture comes automatically and the movements are gentle on your discs and joints.
Even the psyche gets a “kick”: Exercising on the trampoline releases serotonins and body-own endorphins. After one hour of training you will feel refreshed and your concentration will be activated. An ideal work-out for all people who are familiar with the “normal” Sarengue® program and who DO NOT suffer from problems of balance and stability in order to be able to transfer the movements to the trampoline.
We are looking forward to meeting you for the training!


Not all trampolines are equal

The difference to the normal, well-known mini trampolines lies in the harmonic oscillation coming from the individual elastic rope rings. Considering steel spring trampolines, the spring deflection is only 1-3cm. It compresses, squeaks and it makes no fun because it intervenes unpleasantly into our body system. The swinging trampolines we use for Power-Sarengue® plus have a spring deflection of up to 30cm which is slowed down smoothly. This enables joint-friendly training.
We do not hop and we do not jump. Our feet do not leave the trampoline mat at any time. The art herein is to keep your body tension during the whole training so that the trampoline does not swing. Based on the motto “Those who swing too hard will lose the game” … or he or she has lost the body tension…

What Power-Sarengue® plus effects additionally:

  • The force of gravity activates a spontaneous tightening and easing of the musculature. Thus not only every muscle, but every somatic cell is activated.
  • Even the deep-seated postural and micro musculature is activated.
  • Power-Sarengue® plus stimulates a high lymph drainage effect. The lymph can be accelerated by up to six times. The connective tissue is strengthened, thus preventing varicose veins.
  • Especially the joints benefit from exercises with the Power-Sarengue® program, as the cartilage matrix is optimally supplied with synovial fluid.
  • Power-Sarengue® plus activates the supply of vital fluids of the cartilage tissue. Thus intervertebral discs may regenerate and be rebuilt.
  • Exercises with Power-Sarengue® plus stabilize the otherwise normal acid formation (lactic acid, phenyl benzene acid, citruline, etc.) at equilibrium (steady-state) and fat-burning enzymes are formed. As a result, the fat burning is facilitated.
  • Certainly another positive side effect is a considerable increase of the physical condition.
Power-Sarengue® Plus has been enriching my life!
All in all I can only highly recommend this form of activity on the trampoline to everybody (old and young alike, with stable or fragile health) – it is just a lot of fun and helps you all along! 

What is still important: Please present yourself by half an hour before your first participation for the introduction into the program. Please put on comfortable clothes (sportswear) and solid shoes with smooth soles (no trainers!!) or thick wool socks (no non-slip socks).