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The medically proven sport activity for people of all ages

Sarengue® from a medical point of view. An interview with Prof. Dr. Horbach from the hospital “Schön Klinik Fürth”.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Horbach is chief physician in the hospital “Schön Klinik Nuremberg-Fürth” in the center of expertise of general and visceral surgery. In a video he explains how his attention was drawn to Sarengue® and what kind of advantages he sees for overweight people. Especially the combination of movements, music and dynamic makes it easier for the patients to find their way back to an active lifestyle.
Find out more about the medical efficiency of Sarengue®: 

Sarengue® consists of basic movements of the known Latin-American dances: Salsa and Merengue.

It is a muscle building program medically proven, accompanied by music for persons of all ages (starting with the age of 16). It strengthens all your muscles, you lose weight where needed and it tackles problematic areas. Find out more about the medical efficiency of Sarengue®:

Let the music get you

You do not learn any choregraphies, only basic figures and movements which derive from Salsa and Merengue. It allows you to get away from everyday life and the music will get you. Sarengue® primarily addresses people who would not consider themselves as particularly athletic and sporty, but who would like to contribute actively to a good effect on their health.
Sarengue® really made me jump off the sofa. Top-experienced introduction and continuous motivation. Read testimonial

An ideal training for people who otherwise “enjoy life” and do not have much time or do not feel like practicing much sport. The program is also suitable for each “non-dancer” without any problems.

Sarengue® ist offered:
  • in health centers (medical training therapy)
  • in rehab clinics
  • in oarticipating OPTIFAST®-centers
  • in sport clubs
  • or by free-lance Sarengue® instrucotors that are specially trained and have medical knowledge
The fees, exact locations and date for the training hours can be given to you by the respective center. 
Sarengue® für Senioren ist gut machbar
It is also still possible to do Sarengue® at the age of 78, 80 or 85 years …
Sarengue® Gold
Power-Sarengue® Plus
Aqua Sarengue®

Sarengue® as a company sport

In the context of a corporate health management policy we would also be pleased to advise and inform your company, entity or institution.
Each employer is legally obliged to spend a certain sum per employee for preventive measures in order to preserve the employees` health. Strengthen your physical mobility, muscle building and mental health by doing exercises listening to lively music.
Especially Sarengue® on a Pezzi® ball is perfect for employees in the sector of day care centers and nursery schools, for all nursing professions as well as for “desk workers”. We would be pleased to present you an offer for implementing “team-building events”, pedagogical educational training or training for nursing professions.

Further Sarengue®-instructor for company sport

Heidi Rott-Ackermann
Dipl. Ped., Dipl. Social Ped., family therapist and supervisor (DGSF)
Please find further information at an per phone with  
Alexandra Bernhardt under  + 49 911 6995265

Medical efficiency

Weight reduction programs based on several pillars (nutrition, motion, psychology, medical programs) work fine by and large (e.g. Optifast®), but having received a certain level the dietary change has reached its peak and only being still more active will show results, as it is also proven in the German TV show “The Biggest Loser”.
The problem hereby is the necessity to motivate oneself again and again, says Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Loew, psychosomatic specialist at the university hospital Regensburg. In the context of a study he could show that Sarengue® achieved special effects in a slimming group compared to the standard sport program.

Scientifically proven

The problem zones of hips and belly are shaped through this special kind of dance fitness  (Loew et al., Psychologische Medizin, a German medical magazine, 2015) like in no other ports activity practiced within the same timeframe. Sarengue®, he adds, is particularly joint-friendly thanks to its special movement sequences.
The positive effects for overweight persons have already been scientifically proven. In addition to that even chronical pain patients and patients suffering from cancer diseases who also benefit from motion programs will achieve good results with Sarengue®.
However, these studies have not been finished yet. Certainly Sarengue® is also suitable for prevention. The great advantage is: People with different aims meet in one group (a fact that is evidentially effective for itself) in order to dance and have fun, not only because of their illnesses.  
Medizinische Wirksamkeit Sarengue®
Our additional effects within one year /Normal programm (on average)

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Recommended by:

  • Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Loew, chief physician of the departments for psychosomatic medicine at the university hospital Regensburg and the clinic Donaustauf
  • Dr. Ute Mann, senior physician, doctor of surgery and official nutrition representative at Römerbad Kliniken, Bad Gögging 
  • Lympho-Opt-Klinik Hohenstadt
  • Prof. Dr. med. Volker Hanf, chief physician of the gynecological clinic and the center of breast diseases in Fürth
  • Dr. med. Stefanie Knob, senior physician of the center of breast diseases
  • Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kleine-Gunk, head consultant of the gynecological clinic at the hospital “Schön Klinik Nuremberg Fürth”, chief of the German Center for Prevention and Anti-aging medicine, GSAAM
  • Die Frauenärzte am Stadtpark, specialists for gynecology and obstetrics at the medical practice “Die Frauenärzte am Stadtpark” in Nuremberg
  • Dr. med. Joachim Zimber, internist, hematology and internistic oncology
  • Dr. med. Sabine Heininger, specialist of general medicine, family doctor, physician of manual medicine (chiropractic therapy)
  • Dr. Werner Heininger, specialist of general medicine, emergency physician, chiropractic therapy, sports physician and pharmacist
  • Dr. med. Guntram Mahir, specialist of internal medicine and public health care
  • Dr. med. Christiane Neubaum, dermatologist            
  • Petra Boeck, physical therapist
  • Dr. Jürgen Schwarz-Boeck, specialist of otolaryngology
  • Andrea Rottenberger, primary care physician, family doctor
  • Dr. Martin Rottenberger, internist, emergency physician, family doctor, psychosomatic primary care 
  • Dr. Steffen Knorr, internist, pulmonologist
  • Prof. Dr. med. Marion Raab, specialist of anatomy, university hospital Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • Renate Schindler, physical therapist, psychological doctor`s office (HPG) 
  • Self-help groups for cancer cases Fürth and Hersbruck
  • Dr. med. Roland Leger
  • Dr. med. Christian von Segnitz
  • Dr. med. Thomas Weeß,
    Joint practice for anaestesia, special pain therapy, palliative medicine
  • Dr. med. Silvia Weidinger-Köppen, specialist of gynecology and obstetrics
  • Dr. Renate Müller-Herzog, oral surgeon in Nuremberg

What is still important: Please present yourself by half an hour before your first participation for the introduction into the program. Please put on comfortable clothes (sportswear) and solid shoes with smooth soles (no trainers!!) or thick wool socks (no non-slip socks).