Annegret Mathia, Fürtz 75 years en

Hello Alex,

First of all some little words beforehand: For me Sarengue® means simply enjoying life. I take a lot of pleasure and well-being when moving to the beat of Latin-American rhythms.

Now from the start: I had a breast cancer operation (amputation) in 2015 and 30 lymphs were removed. My neurologist prescribed me endurance sport and muscle building training. It is scientifically proven that daily physical activity sharply reduces the recidivism risk by 40 per cent. However, it was not so easy to find a suitable sports activity. Weight training and rehab sports were not for me, and just going for a walk – that was too easy for me. In the gynecological hospital in Fürth it was the flyer “Sarengue® for cancer patients – medically proven, training once a month for free, Tanzschule Alex” that fell into my hands. That was it. I could not help being struck by the thought of it, as I love dancing so much. I had only a few doubts as to my age, having turned 70 some time ago. That is why I called Alexandra, but she told me that I was not the oldest one. So I was encouraged and finally found my way to the dancing school. There was the especially warm welcome I received and then I got half an hour of instruction. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I had learnt the steps and the posture. I had so much fun that I continued doing the course. Once a week or, if possible, more often.

First my posture was not straight anymore due to the strain of the operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and the fact that I was a cancer patient. Bent over, pain when the lymphatic flow is hampered, lymphedema in my arms, my legs, at the scar of the operation and in my belly. Sarengue® improved my symptoms in such a way that I nearly did not notice my pain anymore and, most of all, my gait uprighted and my constant fatigue caused by the chemotherapy disappeared completely thanks to Sarengue®. Many people suffer from this fatigue. The bad thoughts I had about the diagnosis cancer melted away and I was able to relive a carefree life. Thanks to Sarengue® I regained my courage to face life. And I shout to everyone who feels bad, either physically or psychically: go and start doing Sarengue®!

Thanks, Alex, for having invented this wonderful program for me and for all of us. What I would never have thought possible: You brought a new confidence to my life. And I can enjoy my life again.


Annegret Mathia