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At the age of 16 I had a slipped disc and since then I have had to see that my back and abdominal musculature are regularly trained. Of course, my predominantly seated activity in an office is not optimal; therefore, I was looking for a possibility to build up and maintain my muscles and also have some fun at the same time. Since the beginning of 2015 I have been attending the Sarengue® training in Zirndorf once a week and I quickly realized that all my requests were fulfilled.

When I knew that I had become pregnant by the beginning of 2017, I was delighted, of course. After consultation with my doctor, I continued doing the Sarengue® training as I had done before. Until the end of my pregnancy (by the 36th week of pregnancy) I was able to attend the courses without any problems. During the whole pregnancy I did not have any back pain, I felt mobile until the end of my pregnancy and I was able to keep my weight gain within a certain limit.

After my pregnancy I am determined to get back to the training and to reduce the remaining kilos which are due to the pregnancy. Sarengue® is a training that may be adapted to any living situation and therefore, it is optimal for me.

Barbara Schuhmann