Stephi engl

In July 2011, shortly after learning of my breast cancer diagnosis, Alex offered me, as a long-term participant of Sarengue® and other dancing courses, to become a Sarengue® instructor. Although I had been sick, I gratefully accepted her offer and it was the best that ever happened to me! During my chemotherapy and radiotherapy I did Sarengue® about 3 times a week and I hardly had any side effects neither any forms of depression. After my surgery (including excisions of lymph nodes), I was able to go back to training after a week only (as my legs were OK). Gradually I worked my arms again, that way I got round doing any physical therapy. Furthermore, I have not got any lymphedema so far and I kept myself in good shape during the entire disease. Although I had poor leucocytes, I did not have any cold neither did I put on weight due to all the cortisone I had to take.

So, I really and truly can recommend Sarengue®. I am deeply grateful to Alex. Thanks to her and Sarengue®, I felt good during this illness and never thought of giving up.