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Dear Alex,

I just want to express my huge compliments to you!

Power-Sarengue® plus has been enriching my life! Just all of what I could read on your website about this kind of great sport program Sarengue® is what I can confirm a 100% after having done training on the trampoline twice a week for the last 6 weeks (I started practicing Sarengue® just more than 1 year ago). Especially the positive effects on the lymphatic system. I have been suffering a lipoma lymphedema for many years (support tights, more or less regular lymph drainage), and now I have found something that does me extremely good in addition to all that. Thanks to a slight dietary change and regular training I can control my lymph much better and I feel good again in my own skin – as this was not the case for a long time! This means that my psyche has become a lot more stable and my endorphins “have been released”!

All in all I can only highly recommend this form of activity on the trampoline to everybody
(old and young alike, with stable or fragile health) – it is just a lot of fun and helps you all along!

This just had to be “written”!

I am looking forward to “mounting” the trampoline again!!!

Sunny greetings