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Information for physiotherapists

Congratulations! You belong to the professional group of those who have already learnt everything about physical rehabilitation. Nevertheless Sarengue®, Sarengue® Gold, Power-Sarengue® plus and certainly also Aqua-Sarengue® are valuable complements bringing your knowledge and capacities in the rehab medicine still closer to the patients.

This is how it can work:

After having done a six-week additional trainer education you will be trained how to become a Sarengue® trainer. In your practice you may then immediately apply this further education. The advantage: The patients realize the feel-good and lasting effects on body and psyche from the first unit.

What does Sarengue® effect?

Sarengue® is a joint-friendly muscle-building program suitable for all persons suffering from musculoskeletal diseases as a therapy relief and for speeding up the healing process. Sarengue® may be adapted individually to the health problems of your patients. The accompanying music (Salsa and Merengue) effects a better training acceptance, increases stamina and offers additional psychosomatic impulses.