Fun and good mood!

Sarengue® - the health program for everybody accompanied by hot rhythms.

A muscle building program for all ages accompanied by music – clinically tested and medically proven! Sarengue® consists of basic movements of the known Latin-American dances: Salsa and Merengue.
Many dance styles and trends having been passing by over the years. Some could prevail, others couldn`t. They all have one thing in common: fun doing exercises with and along the music.
Sarengue® is a variant not only suitable for young and well-toned people. Sarengue® primarily addresses people who would not consider themselves as particularly athletic and sporty, but who would like to contribute actively to a good effect on their health.
The problem often is the motivation. A light exercise program accompanied by music practiced in a group makes fun, keeps the cycle going while improving your health as a positive side effect. Sarengue® does not mean certain choregraphies, but well exercised repetitive movements accompanied by Salsa and Merengue rhythms.
It allows you to get away from everyday life and the music will get you.
Within one hour of Sarengue® training the body burns up as much as 800 kcal.

Difference to other exercise programs:

What distinguishes Sarengue® from other training programs is that each participant gets an individual introduction into the program. Within half an hour before the regular training the participant is introduced into the steps and movements by experienced Sarengue® trainers. Each participant is given individual instructions, according to his or her clinical picture and fitness state. Every step and all the muscles that are to be toned will be explained in detail and all wrong moves or postural defects that might occur will be pointed out. This is the only way to be successful in building muscles, reducing weight, etc. During the following training as well as in all other training sessions the participants` attention is drawn to an accurate execution and the participants are steered and coached.

Although Sarengue® moves seem to be easy to learn, you still could harm yourself if you move incorrectly. Or you then might just have listened to one hour of hot music without achieving any success.

What is still important: Please present yourself by half an hour before your first participation for the introduction into the program. Please put on comfortable clothes (sportswear) and solid shoes with smooth soles (no trainers!!) or thick wool socks (no non-slip socks).