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Information for physicians/sports physicians

Dear orthopaedic conservative physicians, specialists for general medicine, internal medicine and neurology, in addition and complementary to your wide range of rehab measures, we would like to offer you a budgetarily neutral additional support for your patients, also very successful as a prevention measure. Sarengue® consists of eight different physiotherapeutic, medically proven exercises for the musculoskeletal system as well as for the total musculature. Suitable for all ages starting from the age of 16. The programmatic Latin-American music (Salsa and Merengue) has additionally a psychosomatic effect on pain reduction and contributes to overall well-being for body, spirit and soul.

The different Sarengue® possibilities (on the floor, in the water, on the trampoline and the exercise ball or the chair) enable a dosed training program adapted to the patient`s disease.

Successes proven in studies

Controlled studies, medical controlling as well as specially trained therapists make Sarengue® a comparable program to coronary sports groups. Significant improvements of the clinical picture have been achieved for patients suffering from slipped discs – treated conservatively or surgically – joint replacement, arthrosis, strokes with partial paralysis, rheumatic diseases, obesity. Certainly Sarengue® also helps healthy people in their prevention of an improved health status and more well-being.

Where and by whom is Sarengue® offered?

These programs are offered in rehab clinics, physiotherapists centers, Optifast centers, sports associations and by freelancers, specially educated Sarengue® trainers.

More information about Sarengue®

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