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Dear Alex, This needs to be said: Sarengue® is the best sport activity I have ever practiced! Actually I am a sports muffle who tries out a lot and sticks with nothing. When practicing Sarengue® I do not have the feeling that I am doing sports but something sporty for my body and enjoying it …

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Hilde en

Dear Alex, I just want to express my huge compliments to you! Power-Sarengue® plus has been enriching my life! Just all of what I could read on your website about this kind of great sport program Sarengue® is what I can confirm a 100% after having done training on the trampoline twice a week for …

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Dr. med. K. P .Kammerer en

Progress report from Dr. med. K.P. Kammerer Sarengue®, physiotherapy for the well-being of all muscles. Skeletal-related muscle training with a high fun factor for young and older people thanks to personal trainers who respond to individual problems of the participants. Positive influence on weight reduction. All in all a successful combination of gymnastics and fun …

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Dr. med. Roland Leger en

Sarengue® is a whole-body work-out training especially the small muscle groups of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Our patients, most of all our chronical pain patients, report that thanks to Sarengue® they definitively suffer much less from pain and also the soul takes advantage of it. I tested Sarengue® myself and I can fully recommend …

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Sarengue® Karin

Karin en

Hello Alex, Today I am sending you two pictures. One “before” and one “after” picture. Between those two pictures there are 20kg of weight loss. A change in dress size from 58 to 48. Sarengue® helped me doing this modification. Yes, and it is even more, it became a great and important part of my …

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… I went to Sarengue® training once a week because of my back pain and knee problems. My pain and my flexibility improved a lot. And then – 2 months ago – I was given the devastating diagnosis “breast cancer”. Your motivation to train as often as possible encouraged me and I was prepared for …

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