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Dance fitness brings sport muffles new dynamic and energy

As perfection is not important and everybody can train for themselves, also sport muffles have a high fun factor when doing fitness dancing.

Hamburg. The big mirrored room is jam-packed, side by side almost only women dance along with Latin-American music. Not everybody dances correctly to the rhythm of the music, steps and arm moves are not exactly synchronic, some of them lose their steps, orientate themselves shortly, then they continue to dance swaying their hips, their T-shirts draining with sweat. A dance fitness course with Latin-American roots, it looks like an aerobic group has its Open House Day – but it is a lot more hilarious.

“What is nice is that everybody can participate and perfection is not important”, says fitness trainer Enrico Rohde. According to him it is completely irrelevant how old, slim, overweight or sporty somebody is, because when doing this dance fitness program, a whole-body work-out training derived from aerobic steps and showing elements of Latin-American dances, everybody can find their own pace and can settle little by little in the movements and steps. “That is what distinguishes Sarengue® clearly from aerobic where step sequences and the correct choreography count”, explains Rohde.

Those finding pleasure when being active will stick to it a lot longer

A Sarengue® course is between 45 and 60 minutes and all you need are comfortable sport clothes. Step combinations derived from Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha-Cha or Mambo are the dancing basis. “The songs vary in the course of the training hour and the rhythms are sometimes quick sometimes slow”, says Rohde. Flowing and swinging movements with hips and arms are as well part of the training as jumps and turns. “But everybody can practice as he or she can or likes”, says Rohde. He often experienced that sport muffles found the pleasure of physical movement and thus reached their objectives more easily, for example losing weight. Simply because they did not have to torture themselves to do sports, but they were just pleased to go to dance fitness training.

All-round training that does not feel like it

“The advantage is that when doing the combination of quick and slow rhythmic movements along with music one does not really feel like doing sports”, says Rohde. Thus an all-round training during which all the big muscle groups and the stamina are trained. “The effect is: It burns fat, muscles are built, the skin is toned and the training strengthens the cardiovascular system.” Therefore, the dance fitness training is a real alternative to classical work-out in a fitness center, says Rohde. As a prevention training dance work-outs such as Sarengue® are not accepted and reimbursed by the public health insurance companies, the participants have to pay the fees themselves. (dapd)