Salsa und Merengue Fitness

Fun while doing muscle training

Start dancing yourself fit with Sarengue®!

As dance teacher Alexandra Bernhardt from Zirndorf was not able to become enthusiastic unconditionally about any sport activity whatsoever, she just invented one herself. Her muscle building program Sarengue® promises dance fitness for all ages with a high fun factor even without partner. Today`s status: 21 November 2014.

Sarengue® stands for a mix of steps and movements of the Latin-American dances Salsa and Merengue combined with a fitness exercise for arms and shoulders. Example: Merengue hip swing plus Salsa side step with arms above the head and rotating shoulders. “It is important for the necessary body tension to keep an upright posture and to tense the buttocks”, Alexandra explains to the “new ones” in the training.

Doing simple dance steps and many repetitive movements, about 40 men and women in the dance hall sway their hips along with the Latin-American rhythms. “Sarengue® is a muscle building program for the whole body. It consists of healthy moves which bring you even to lose weight”, the dance teacher gets to the heart of her invention. Today she is absolutely fit, well-toned and mobile, but this was not the case a few years ago. She then mainly chatted during the dance lessons instead of being active and she suffered from back and knee pain. Thus, on the spot, she tried out for herself what helped her to get rid of her symptoms, to lose weight and become fitter. The result was: Sarengue®.

Losing weight – building muscles

The university clinic Regensburg is currently working on a study for weight loss through this muscle building program, and a second study examines to what extent Sarengue® helps as a pain therapy, like some of the participants report:

“Neck pain and headache are gone since I have been joining this dance program.”

The hot rhythms, dancing together with other like-minded people and the joint-friendly regular movements are good for body and soul. Dance teacher Alex Bernhardt also trains people to become instructors for Sarengue®, especially for company`s sport and rehab clinics. Internist Martin Rottenberger from Fürth participates once a week and recommends it to his patients, “because it is not only ideal as a cardiovascular training and for muscle building, but it also improves the body control. Especially when we grow older, we lose our sense of balance and suppleness. Those can only be trained with complex motion sequences.

” The physician appreciates Sarengue® as a joint-friendly training which does not do any harm to the spinal column, because it is built on kinematics and it is well structured. Or how one participant expresses: “Sarengue® is such an inspiring sport dance – it is simply great!”

Article contribution: Ullie Nikola