Free training for cancer patients

Free training for cancer patients

 We would like to give the opportunity to all cancer patients to participate at one hour of Sarengue® training once a month for free. 

Sarengue® once a month for free

on the first Friday of the month from 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.


Testimonial of a cancer patient:


So, I really and truly can recommend Sarengue®. I am deeply grateful to Alex. Thanks to her and Sarengue®, I felt good during this illness and never thought of giving up. 
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What is Sarengue®
Sarengue® is a simple dance fitness program practicable for everyone, suitable for all ages (from 16 to 80). It strengthens all your muscles, you lose weight where needed and it tackles problematic areas. There are no choregraphies, only basic figures and movements which derive from Salsa and Merengue. It allows you to get away from everyday life and the music will get you. It is suitable for dance enthusiasts, even without a dance partner and for people who enjoy Latin-American music. Sarengue® primarily addresses people who would not consider themselves as particularly athletic and sporty, but who would like to contribute actively to a good effect on their health. An ideal training for people who otherwise “enjoy life” and do not have much time or do not feel like practicing much sport. The program is also suitable for each “non-dancer” without any problems. Certainly, it is also suitable for men who would like to keep fit with least expense. Sarengue® is offered in health centers (medical training therapy), rehab clinics, in participating OPTIFAST® centers, in sports clubs or by free-lance Sarengue® instructors that are specially trained and have medical knowledge. 

The fees, exact location and date for the training hours of your regional provider can be given to you by the respective center.

What is still important: Please present yourself by half an hour before your first participation for the introduction into the program. Please put on comfortable clothes (sportswear) and solid shoes with smooth soles (no trainers!!) or thick wool socks (no non-slip socks).