Salsa und Merengue Fitness

Dr. med. Silvia Weidinge0r-Köppen

Dr. med Silvia Weidinger-Köppen

As a gynecologist and preventive physician I have also been a certified Tigerobics trainer since 2008.

I have been giving courses in pelvic floor and whole-body training for women of all ages for the last 10 years, including during pregnancy and postpartum. In my courses I also pass on my own experiences from a course in body understanding.

Now I am an avid Sarengue® instructor, because I think Sarengue® is the icing on the cake for a whole-body training. If you follow exactly the instructions, you train your entire body optimally with repetitive movements without any equipment and without doing any harm to your body. At the same time it is an endurance training that makes you fit, good mood included!

Dr. Silvia Weidinger-Köppen